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Hayden Lewis

ER/IR Manager & Consultant

Sydney based Human Resources, Employee Relations & Industrial Relations professional with a flair for technology.

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Trusted advisor,

pragmatic solutions.

I help employers improve their culture and compliance.

What I Do

I assess Risk, identify Opportunities and build Capability.

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Linkedin Recommendations

I am delighted to recommend Hayden – a skilled ER pro who turns complex cases into cakewalks. Throughout our two-year collaboration, Hayden consistently demonstrated adeptness in navigating complex cases and evolving employment legislation.

Hayden's unique blend of strategic thinking, pragmatic advice, and a refreshing sense of humor set him apart. Despite the intensity of his role as Employee Relations Manager, Hayden excelled in putting employees and managers at ease.

I highly recommend Hayden as a valuable asset to any team and look forward to seeing where his calibre and ambition take him in the future.

I have been lucky enough to work with Hayden twice – once as a colleague, and again years later as a direct report.

As a manager, Hayden is thoughtful and fair. Hayden manages by the motto of ‘hire the right people to do the job, and don’t get in the way of them doing their job’. Hayden was always available for advice, direction and day-to-day support, but he trusted my ability and believed in my decision making, allowing me to run my own race and work in a meaningful way. The level of trust and confidence Hayden had in me was refreshing, and allowed me to develop into a confident practitioner, giving me space to try new things and push the envelope, and work through mistakes as learning opportunities. Hayden has a collaborative approach to almost all tasks and goes out of his way to credit others for their work and to champion his people to the broader business and to celebrate successes within the team. Hayden cares deeply about his direct reports, with a clear passion for ensuring that we have space to develop in our careers and as individuals under his guidance.

These are qualities that I look for in a manager and was really lucky to have experienced with Hayden at FUJIFILM.

It has been an honour to work with someone of Hayden's calibre over the past two years.

As Employee Relations Manager, Hayden partnered closely with me and the WHS team and would collaborate to develop solutions to complex problems, sometimes involving multiple departments and types of risk.

Hayden was responsive with WHS matters where time is often critical and ready to lend a hand in support. He was willing to listen and take on board the advice and expert knowledge of others. He was also not afraid of doing his own research to assist and support the WHS team and to build on his wider understanding.

Hayden took a genuine interest in the well-being of workers and would try to find solutions that balanced multiple interests.

I’ve enjoyed working with Hayden and strongly recommend him.