HR/ER/IR Consulting Services

Part Time Consultant

In consultation with my primary employer, I have the option to provide advice in my spare time. I enjoy the opportunity to keep my skills razer sharp while helping others out.

I take on limited standalone pieces of work, in order to best meet the needs of my primary employer and clients.

Capacity Status: March 2024.

I have capacity to take on more client work.


ABN: 15 690 911 290

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Project Work

Does your business face IR challenges and need a hand?

Let me help!

I can chip away at discrete projects such as your Policy Review, Bargaining, Framework Design & Implementation, to help your business get up to speed with the avalanche of employment legislation.

Consulting Firm Capacity

Could your firm benefit from some extra capacity?

I can assist with overflow work for your team, so that you can better meet your client’s needs.

Having started out in an ER/IR Consulting firm, I know what it is like to try to keep all the plates spinning while there are spikes in demand.

From award and pay rule system analysis and compliance health checks, to odd jobs that get traction with such as newsletter drafting and client template reviews, I’ve got you covered.

Workplace Mediations

Unresolved conflict in the workplace is incredibly disruptive to wellbeing, retention, and performance.

Whether unhealthy forms of conflict are between employees, their managers or even leaders, left unchecked it can have a profound impact on your organisation.

As a Nationally Accredited Mediator, I can help parties to ventilate their concerns, their needs and to generate solutions to move forward.

I offer a special discount on Workplace Mediations because as a practitioner it is an enriching experience and time spent goes towards maintaining my accreditation.

You can find my accreditation on the Mediation Standards Board by searching my name.

Special Discount for Workplace Mediations